Monday, 19 August 2013

☆~Working as Mario!~☆

Hello you guys~! 
You are probably wondering where have I been for the past 4 days :3 
well..  I have been working as a Costume Character for a Nintendo event! ^-^
I got the honors to be "Mario" ^-^ 

It was hard work but also a ton of fun and seeing everyone happy and smile 
made me all happy haha~~

Also met some amazing wonderful people there! I hope I get a chance to work with them all again!

I wanted to share with you some of the only photographs I got of me in the suit with my 2 of my friends who came to visit me! (I did girly-er poses for them for the giggles xD)


haha! I also managed to get hold of a short little video of me dancing at the Wii U booth (I worked in the 3DS kids tent) and we did a little performance as a surprise to make everyone laugh :3

I hope you enjoyed this little entry~!!

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