Thursday, 16 July 2015

☆~Abipop's guide to Tokyo: Best places to stay!~☆

Hello Everyone~~! ^-^

I'm starting a new little series on my blog to help you guys with your trip to Tokyo, Japan~!♪
Each blog post will focus on a different topic and location to help you plan your dream holiday to Tokyo!!

A lot of you guys have been asking me where the best place to stay is! So Today's blog is about "The Best places to stay in Tokyo" (On a budget and not on a budget)

Let's start of with good places if you are staying in a group of say around 4!

When I went to Japan for the 1st time, I found a lovely apartment on Airbnb for us lot to stay in~♪ Airbnb is a fantastic place to find cheap home-like accommodation~! ^-^

Now when staying in Tokyo, I wanted to visit all the main spots for example, Harajuku, Akihabara, Shibuya ect~!

So I chose this wonderful place:

Between the 4 of us, It worked about about £205.32 each for 1 week here!
Ofc course that can be a little more pricey for some but for what you get this is incredible~!
You are 5 minutes from Otsuka JR line (Yamanote line) which is the line that takes you to all these main spots in Tokyo!♪

They provide so many instructions on how to get here from both Majour airports and how long it will take and how much it will cost (Btw Travel in Japan is so cheap!)♪
You also get a Portable wifi with this apartment so where-ever you go, you will have an internet connection~!!

 It's a beautiful area I cannot recommend this place enough~!!♪

Onto Hotels~~!♪

I have many many friends who go to Japan for holiday's each year and have found the cheapest and best location hotel's ever~♪

Now again I wanted to be close to the JR Yamanote line♪!

I recommend the "Sakura Hotel - Ikebukuro"
It was only 1 stop away from the last place I stayed and again 5 minutes walk away from the train station~!!
( Also I recommend booking this via "

I stayed with my friend Kelsey in this hotel and we chose the "Standard Double Room"
It was very very tiny and not much room at all! But some how we managed to get ready, hair, make-up and 4 suitcases in there! ^-^

This was about £320 for 12 nights and 13 days each~!♪

not bad concidering the price huh? They also had hair dryers, towels, adapters you name it ready for you to borrow~~♪!

Now onto the hella pricey but beautiful hotel~♪

If you have the cash to do this, I HIGHLY recommend this hotel. It was.. BEAUTIFUL. and incredibly spacious~! *dreams*

Prince Park Hotel Tokyo Tower

This hotel is a 10-15 minute walk from Tokyo Tower and tube stations~! and also has some beautiful scenery around the area!
This hotel is VERY VERY expensive but boy do you feel like royalty staying in this place~!
You get the most beautiful and incredible views from your balcony's too!

This is a photo I took from my balcony of this hotel when it was pouring with rain the night we arrived! So so pretty ^-^

Here are some of the rooms they have here:
Stunning.. all of them even the smaller ones~!!♪

I really really recommend this place even for a couple nights if you can afford too! Stunning! SO beautiful inside and out!

You are close to a couple tube lines too so don't worry about getting lost~!
The staff speak english too! Also has a water fountain inside the building xD

I really hope that this post will help you with finding the best place to stay in Tokyo for you trip to Japan~!!♪

Ofc you can browse all the other amazing AirBnB or places to find more deals~! but these are my personal preferences :3

There are more post's coming up including places to eat/shop/go ect~!♪
Please look out for those!

Thank you guys for reading!

Abi pop

Friday, 13 March 2015

☆~Nitro Super Sonico - Young Tomboy ver. | Ningyou Figure Review ~☆

Hey you lovely people~♪♥  
I have a super cute and exciting review for you today~~!  (*^ω^*)
 Ningyou were lovely enough to send me an adorable figure from their brand new store to review for you all~!! (っˆヮˆ)っo•。.゚☆。・
Ningyou is a UK based store and sells lots of Newly released figures and older ones too!

♡ You can check out their store here:
They also have a Facebook page where giveaway's are held and where you can request a figure you want to get that's not featured in their store~!

So let's start with what I ordered from their store~!  

I ordered the "Young Tomboy" Version of the adorable Super Sonico~♪!
She was £49.99 Including the shipping to the UK~!♡
(Her original retail price is ¥7300)
The package was sent on the 25th February and I received it on the 27th February~♪!
It only took 2 days to get to me! (*´ω`*)♡

5/5 on shipping because of how fast it was to reach me over here in the UK~!
The figure came in a cardboard box filled with protective polystyrene sausages~!
There were no holes or damage to the package which is always great~~! ꒰*✪∀✪꒱♬ ♡*:・
They don't have any little leaflets or notes with their packages yet as they're a brand new store just starting out~! But that's oki~♪  ( ∩´ω`*∩)♡
They packaged it niceley and came in lightening speed~! 

Now for the review~♪

The figure was in it's original boxing and was brand new with it's original seal on~! This was surrounded by lots of polystyrene to make sure it wasn't broken in transit!
( ∩´ω`*∩)♥️ 
The figure box has such adorable art work all around it~!♪ It's super bright and super eye catching! So when you take your figure out, You might want to display or re-use the box because it's just that cute~!

You just can't go wrong with a Super Sonico Figure I think! haha!♪

When opened, Young Sonico is sitting between 2 plastic holder that is holding her and all her spear parts together inside the box~!!♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ ) 

The figure it's self is absolutely stunning!! (((o(♡´▽`♡)o))) The paint job on her is perfect! There's not one little flaw on her which is always great when you are purchasing a new figure~! Thank you Ningyou for getting me a brand new one~!

The little details on the macarons are adorable! each have the cream in the center an sculpted really well!♪ Even the dripping icing is shaded and looks so cute on her top and face~! 

 Something I love about Super Sonico figures is that they always have beautifully gradient hair~! Having gradient hair gives an almost life-like appearance to them! like they have just stepped right out the anime's! haha °₊·ˈ∗(ノ>▽<。)ノ


She comes with an extra pair of legs with a skirt that comes off revealing her little white pants :')
They have a little bear head on them *sobs* so cute~!♪ 

Also the figure comes with a plastic stand holder if you want her to stand up on her "standing up legs" Though I do prefer her sitting down in this position as the dress fits a lot better in that position! (*^ω^*)

Overall a big 5/5
  It's adorable, well presented, good quality and came super fast!♪

Watch  "My Anime Figure Collection" video here: 

I want to say a big thank you to Ningyou for sending me this adorable figure review for you guys~! ( ∩´ω`*∩)♥️ 
I hope that everyone enjoyed the review and have fun browsing their eBay store Ningyou
  They're building their company as you are reading this and they are very reliable from my experiences~!♪ 
They also have amazing customer service so don't hesitate to drop them a message to see if they can get a figure you are dying to get~! ^-^

Thank you for reading!
See you next time

Friday, 27 February 2015

☆~Himi store Review 2 & Discount code ~☆

Hey all you lovely people~♪♥  I have another very exciting and adorable review for you today~♪ (*^ω^*)
I've previously have done a review for "Himi Store" and they were lovely enough to send me some more gorgeous cute clothes to review for you guys~~! (っˆヮˆ)っo•。.゚☆。・

Himi Store sells everything from Fairy-Kei - Harajuku - Soft Sister - Lolita - JP fashions and more. They also offer free shipping worldwide~♪
♡ You can check out their store here:  ♡
Use the code "Abipop" for 5% off Discount on the whole store~ 
 Let's show you what I ordered from the store~~♪

he 1st thing I ordered was this adorable Long sleeved blouse

It's one size with a maximum bust of 102cm!~
This is $29.99!

The 2nd thing I ordered was this Dress with a red velvet ribbon on the front! I got this dress in the "Navy" option, but they also stock the Grey x Black version~♪ 
This is $39.99
The package was sent on the 11th November and I received it on the 20th November~♪!
It only took 9 days to get to me! (*´ω`*)♡

5/5 on shipping because of how fast it was to reach me over here in the UK~!
The clothes came in a padded bubble wrap envelope! ꒰*✪∀✪꒱♬ ♡*:・ There were no tares or damage to this! which is always great~~!

This time Himi Store didn't add a note or a free gift~! But that's oki~♪ I think it was because it was sent really fast~! ( ∩´ω`*∩)♡
But I see lots of others get notes and free gifts so that's great~! ^-^

Now for the review~♪

The dress and blouse both came in sealed plastic bags like last time~! So that no water, marks from the rain could get on to them as they traveled over the world to me~~! 
( ∩´ω`*∩)♥️ 

(though I was so excited about the dress I forgot to take a photo of it in the plastic xD)

 The dress's fabric is really stretchy and thick in the skirt area so perfect for Summer or Winter~♪ Which I am really pleased about as I hate to wear jeans at all ww~(*´ω`*)♡
It's very well made and not a single thread was showing or pulling away! Which is a bonus!

The only thing I'd say, Is that the sleeves are very small to my arms but fit fine after adjusting, and the bust area is a little tight on me but that was expected~! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆

(these photos are taken when items are taken straight out the packaging, So creases do show!)

Over all the dress is very high quality and at a good price on their site~!
I just love the little red "M" Heart on the front of the dress~! ♡ It really gives that extra character to the dress and looks fabulous paired with a red Barret~!♪
5/5 for the Dress!

Now for the long sleeved blouse~!
This blouse isn't very see through which is perfect if you want to wear this blouse with just a skirt!♪ ^-^
Himi Store says that the shirt has a bust of 102cm Which I think is perfect for a bust around 94cm~! Doesn't gape at all! (Bonus points)ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆
What I love about this blouse is that it's very very soft and that it fits my bust perfectly and can be worn in everyday fashion or even in Lolita~♪

Again over all this is very high quality blouse for what you are paying~~! The buttons are sewed on well and the fabric is a strong flowey material~~♥♪
I am really pleased with it~! (*´ω`*)♡
5/5 for the blouse!

Here are some photos of me wearing the outfits~~ ♡

~~HD Photos~~☆ 

 I want to say a big thank you to Himi store for sending me more adorable clothes to review for you~! ( ∩´ω`*∩)♥️ 
I hope that everyone enjoyed the review and have fun browsing Himi store
 It's such a great place to get adorable Japanese fashion at a decent price~!♪ 
They have amazing customer service and make sure you're 100% happy with your order~! ^-^

If you use the code "Abipop" you can get 5% off their whole store~ 
Thank you for reading!
See you next time