Monday, 24 November 2014

☆~Hyper Japan & New dance video with Kelsey~☆

Hello everyone~♪ ( ∩´ω`*∩)♡

It's been a while since I updated on my blog~!  (´;ω;`) Please forgive me~!! >///<
Recently I went to an event in London called "Hyper Japan" ~!

I really do love this even because it celebrates all things Japanese from every aspect~!

The Food, Culture, Pop-Culture, Fashion and more~! ♡

On the Friday, I went in normal everyday outfit ready to film a hilariously cute dance with Kelsey~!

Outfit rundown:

Hair bobbles: WEGO
Skirt: New Look
Shoes: Primark

 Friday was so much fun an very chill! I watched back-to-back performances of my friends performing and we all wota'd for them~! Best form of cheering haha~! I brought a long my glow sticks I purchased in Japan with me~! ☆ミヽ(*•`ω´•)ノ

In the breaks between the lives, Kelsey and I recorded a new dance~!! ww~
It's called "ようかい体操第一 "  (Youkai taisou daiichi ) xD
I really hope you enjoy our goofyness w~


I haven't danced in a very long time >///< So I really hope you enjoy it~!
I'm hoping to slowly ease back into dancing on Youtube & Niconico again~! ♡(´ ・ω・` ) ♡

Oh and after that.. we all went to pizza exspress ww~

On Saturday I decided to go in my Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Ora2 cosplay~!
After the concert, it got completely ruined so I got handy and fixed it all up to make it look good as new~!!

I want to say thank you to everyone who came up to me and asked for a photo! You guys are all so lovely and talented~! ♡
  Here's just a few of the photos you guys too! :3

I got to see Diana Grant live on the main stage.. SHE IS SO CUTE haha! Her voice is incredible! New fan right here :') 

I also met J. Britton, What a lovely guy he is too~! :D we hung out on the weekend too and took some Polaroids ww~ Even got him into wota~ :D

I was so happy to see that the Moshi Moshi Nippon booth was back! With it's adorable Polaroid taking section! So naturally I got some taken with my friends, Alex, Kelsey and Andy ♡(´ ・ω・` ) ♡

Here are a couple of photos I look whilst I was at Hyper Japan~!! :D  

At the end of Hyper Japan, a huge group of us went to none other than... NANDOS haha~!
I think by now everyone knows that I am slightly obsessed with that place ww~♪

before we left for nandos.. I became a "Kawaii trash-bag-santa" haha~~
My skirt can only be transported in a bin bag due to it's size ww~

Thank you so much for reading my blog~!
I really hoped you enjoyed it :3 
New blog coming out soon!

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