Monday, 10 February 2014

☆~ Dancing in a Professional music video~!! - 9/02/2014 ~☆

Hey Everyone~! 
How have you all been? I hope you are good~! ^-^
 I want to share with you something I did Yesterday, Which was really exiting~! 

It all started at 6:15am in the morning where Kelsey and I got up and got all showered and packed then met up with Kelsey friend and went to the studio/filming set for a Music video~!! 

We were asked to be dressed in cute, funky, colourful japanese fashion inpsired outfits and be the "J-pop" dancers in this professional music video for a singer~!
Here are some photos of my outfit I put together~!
(I don't have many photos as we were filming a lot! but the production crew took hundreds xD so I'm sure at least one will be sent my way to show you~!)

 I had my new Kyary Mameshiba slippers on~! With some Cosmates stripey socks! I had one of my blue socks and Kelsey lent me one of her pink socks haha~! I added a little Korilakkuma bear to the side of my sweater and a little pink plush star on my bloomers! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆ 

For the top half I had my Spreepicky ginger wig on, styled with a side fringe and in Twintails~ I added a DreamyBows charm to it and a big silver bow on top~! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。 This wig is just so adorable and I couldn't not wear this for the video~!
 Kelsey brought along her Fuijifilm Instax mini 8 and we took a few of our outfits~!! We set it on the super beauty mode... but.. it was too bright for the green room/café we were in haha~! So this is my whole outfit... just really.. bright haha~! 
My whole rundown:

It was filmed in a little underground bar/stage with all moody lights and black lights too! It was rather fabulous! I can't wait to see the final edits of it~! ´っ>//<c` ♡

This is what the place looked like before the production team & director moved everything out and added crazy paintings, black lights, smoke, coloured lights and black cloths~!! I can't actually recognise this photo below because it was so so different~! ww~

We had a little routine we had to learn and that was about 40 seconds long~! It took a lot of takes as sometimes we got it all 100% but they needed different angels and lighting and sometimes our bows decided to fly off into another dimension :) haha~~! 

A little Polaroid of us 3 on the stage after we had finished filming everything~! So bright and colourful~!! It was so nice to dance around doing something you love and helping at the same time~! ☆・:*:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*:・☆ 

I took this funny photo haha~! Kelsey's friend was taking a photo at the same time so Kelsey got confused which way to look haha~! wigs wigs lots of wigs~!!☆彡

I believe the final music video will be released in a couple of months~! (so long aaaaa) xD
But as soon as It's out I will link it here and on all my social media sites too~! Promise! haha~!

It was such a great experience and would love to do something like that again~! Had a lovely time with Kelsey and her friend~! ♡✧。(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ I think we ate wayyyy to many bourbons and chips... wayyyyyyy to many ww~

 Thank you so much for reading~! 
 I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post~!
See you next time~!

They hired out the café (which was our greenroom) next to the venue and it's a little family run business~!! ♡(´ ・ω・` ) ♡ I have never tasted such amazing chips and lamb... oh my gosh. I'm so so glad that they hired that place out too as that's probably one of my favourite café/restaurants now! haha~! THEIR CHIPS! Oh my gosh..

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