Sunday, 15 September 2013

☆~Brighton's Japan Festival 2013~☆

Hello you guys! ^-^ I hope you're all good~~!
On Saturday the 14th september I popped along to "Brighton's Japan festival"
they had some cute little stalls there that sold traditional Japanese food & desserts~! They also had stalls that sold ADORABLE Alpacas but I didn't take enough money to get one :___: huhuhu~

The 1st thing I wanted to try was a Dango~~! I love mochi so I thought.. Why not try some warm Dango~!! ... My goodness it's so delicious!  I want to have more now QQ haha! I took a photo of my dango against my friend Alice's Dango keychain huehue~~

There were 2 giant golden lucky cats near the centre of the event which were too cute not to take a photo of~ ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆ I thought the arms might of moved as there were electrics inside the big red boxes~~ but they never did ;____; also nearer the end of the event they added gold telophones on the stands of the red box.. never got to use it to see what it did haha!! ^-^

 One of the main reasons I went there was to support "Maids of England" (MoE for short) at their pop-up maid café~!! (*´ω`*)♡ The little set-up for them was so beautifully done~!!
They did little lives on the stage trough out the day~ and Maid Kyoko was wearing her new S-rank maid uniform~! (how cute is that *___*) I got a chekki with Mizuki-chan at the end too~

Here is a little vine(video) of the café and a photo of Miyuu & Kyoko dancing away~~ (*^ω^*)


  I didn't leave empty handed this time~! I got myself a cute little Hello Kitty fork as my Reese fork broke </3 QQ But this was only £1 so I had too haha~!

was a lovely little day out despite the boggy weather~!
I hope you found this helpful or interesting~!

See you next time!