Friday, 30 August 2013

☆~New Beauty Products~☆

Hello you guys! ^-^ I hope you're all good~~!
The other day I treated myself to some more beauty products! This time I wanted something that would try and help my dark circles and something that would make my skin all soft and nourished
I also wanted something to make my eyebrows blonder without bleaching them for cosplay and when I wear my fringe to the side!
These are what I Discovered!

Things I bought:

  The first thing I got was the "Simple kind to eyes revitalising eye roll-on"
These products always made me wonder if they actually did anything to the under-eyes! this was £4.99 at the time but it has gone on sale now! To my suprise it actually makes my eyes feel a little more awake and makes me feel like it's working (even if it might not be) which is a good thing as I lack confidence because of my dark circles.

 The next thing I purchased at the same time in the same store was the "Olay Double Action Cream 50ml" This was £6.19 a little more pricey than my eye care roll on :) not going to lie, this does make my skin feel really soft and smooth and refreshed but I think it can leave a greesey kinda feel after if you use too much of it!
Never the less I do love this and probably will get it again untill I find another facecream to use  ^-^

The last thing I bought was the "Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #1 Milk Tea" I always feel my eyebrows are far far too dark for my hair colour! I've had this problem all mylife xD So I thought instead of putting brown on them why not make them a blonde-y colour... and my gosh this is wonderful! *_____* I might end up getting the eyebrow pencil (it's not heavy) to match this Eyebrow Mascara to get a base in there before the coating ^-^

This was £8.38 with £1.93 shipping which makes it over priced but I had some spare money and I wanted to get it for my Kirino cosplay I am doing at the October MCM Expo comic con London ^-^

I hope you found this helpful or interesting~!
See you next time!

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