Thursday, 4 September 2014

☆~ Animal Crossing: New Leaf Chocolate egg | どうぶつの森チョコエッグ ~☆

Hello everyone~! ^-^ 
A couple of months ago I received a mysterious package from the postman~~
It was a package from the lovely Mimei, all the way from Japan~!! 

In the package; Mimei sent me a whole outer of Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Choco eggs~!! Which included 10 Eggs in total~!

Being a HUGE Animal Crossing fan, When I saw these little figures that came in chocolate eggs.. I couldn't help but want them *^*
Mimei saw I was after them and offered to send me some~! ´っ>//<c` ♡ so sweet! Thank you! 

Each box is a bundle of cuteness~! They also come with a QR code for everyone in Japan to use~! ^-^

I wanted to share with you all my collection so far~ I'm still a couple out but I'm sure one day I will be able to finish my collection~♪


And here's a photo of my whole collection together~♪
They're so so cute don't you think~? :3

If you could have a choco-egg figure of any Animal Crossing: New leaf character; Who would it be?
I would love to have a Merengue, Marshal and Tia :3 OOO and the bubble gum twins :3 ww~

Don't forget to check out Mimei's Youtube channel~ You guys will love it ^-^

OOO and I Also filmed an insta video when they arrived~~

Excuse my mistake on the "ga imasu" and "ga arimasu" ww~ I realized my mistake soon after posting this haha xD

Thank you everyone for reading~
I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it ^-^

See you next time~!