Wednesday, 30 October 2013

☆~Cosplay, alpacas and a whole load of fun~! | MCM London Expo~☆

Hey guys~~!  

So on the 26th October 2013 I went to the London MCM Expo Comic con! I cosplay my adorable Waifu Kirino from the anime "Oreimo"! At first I didn't think i'd suit her cosplay at all and was really not looking forward to wearing it 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。
But with some last minute styling and sewing it all came together!! ^-^ 

When I arrived in London I met up with Alice and we grabbed a millie's cookies cookie milkshake~ mmm they were so delicious!
꒰*✪∀✪꒱♬ ♡*:・

I do love traveling to London and meeting friends~ I hope I can do that more often soon!

I want to share with you my purchases and photos I took there~!
The first thing I bought was this adorable clip/badge from "Dreamy bows" it was £8.00 and such good quality! I need to buy more from them as it's all so cute! *___* this little badge adds a little extra sweetness to my outfits~! oh.. and it looks great on Fizz the alpaca~~

Next I bought my new cute fluffy friend, Fizz the baby blue alpaca~! ♪★*☆ヽ( ^-^)/★*☆♪
i thought my pink alpaca Melody-tan needed a friend to keep her company.. also I want to build my alpaca army to take over the world and live in a fluffy castle... (I can dream xD)

I also got 2 korilakkuma paper books from "Art Box" so I can write cute letters to pen-pal's and when people purchase thing from my store's ♡(´ ・ω・` ) ♡ the big one was £3.90 and the small one was £1.60~~ I'm such a sucker for cute things~☆ >////<

The rest were gifts from my lovely friend who visited japan recently and gave them to me at Exop~ Thank you so much! *squeels*  。*:゜☆ヽ(*’∀’*)/☆゜:。*。

Now for some photos of me in my Kirino Coplay~! I hope you like them!!
Selfie with Kelsey who is cosplaying JINX from League of Legends~

Kirino is and will always be mai waifu 4 laifu~ HAHA~!
If you find any photos of me as Kirino send them my way~ (*^ω^*)

Over all I had an absolutely wonderful time and met so many lovely amazing people~!! I wish I could go back in time and relive that day again! (*´ω`*)♡
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it~

Lots of new things coming up soon so keep and eye out~! 

See you soon~!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

☆~Favourite champions: League of Legends~☆

Hello you guys!
for the past 3 months I have been really into a PC game called "League of Legends".
It's an online multiplayer game which involves 5v5 teams and a lot of clicking xD
I can't really explain it as well as google could for you huehue~! xD

What I love about this game is that it is very Teamwork based! So if you go of doing your own thing you will more likely lose it~! xD 
 When you play you pick a "Champion" which is the character you play for that game (20+ mins a game) and these are my favourite champions so far! (*´ω`*)♡
 Sona (Arcade skin)
Very fun to play ngl! xD

Captain Teemo (Cottontail Teemo & Super Teemo)
Lulu (Bittersweet Lulu)
She's bats**t crazy. I love her :3 her laugh is the best!

She is a fish/mermaid that creates waves ad puts people in bubbles. CUTE!

She throws magical bananas. nuff said :')

Annie (Reverse Annie)
She has a giant bear, she's moe, her voice is ADORABLE, she throws fire. What's not to love :3

Double rainbow all the way~~ She shoots a big laser :') love it!
Ahri (Midnight Ahri)
She is a mysterious flirty fox girl with a ball of light and a charm :3
I find her flowy to play x3 i just loved ranged champs :3

Twisted fate
his voice. HNGGGGGG I'd listen to him flirt with me all day haha!

Miss fortune
Sassy. her ulty laugh is amazing xD Need to use her more though >//<

and I think that's about it so far~~! ^-^
If you play on EUW server you can add me and we can play "Abipop"
If you don't have LoL sign up here:
and then we can level together ^^

I also plan to cosplay many of these.. apart from Twisted Fate phaha! xD

I hope you found this helpful or interesting~!

See you next time!