Sunday, 4 August 2013

☆~Recent Purchases~☆

Hello you guys~! 
I wanted to do a little post about the things I have recently purchased♪.。゚+.(*・ω・*)ノ。
I have put where to get them (if I can) and how much they were so you can get things too if you want too~!


Black & White polka-dot skirt
Price: £12.99
From: H&M

Waistband Lovely Pink Shorts
Price:  $44.80  
From: Romwe

Blue Cropped Top
Price: £9
From: River Island

Berry Cropped Top
Price: £4
From: River Island

Nice Pear T-Shirt
Price: £15

From: River Island

Tralala Chocolate bar T-shirt
Price: £20

From: Gyaru Sales Facebook

 Hello Kitty rain coat
Price: Gift
From: Hand me down from a friend


Lisa Plushie from Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Price: $29.63

From: Amazon

 Rin Kokonoe Nendoriod
Price: 47

Buruma (Taiso Fuku) Cosplay
Price: $35.47
From: eBay

Cinnamoroll Hiragana Book
Price: $7.37
From: Jlist

Cute Puffy Cake Stickers
Price: £3
From: Artbox

Neo Magazine
Price: £4.99
From: WHSmiths

 Perfume WORLD TOUR Towel
Price: £7.99
From: Perfume concert London

 Kodomo no Jikan Manga
Price: Gift
From: My a lovely friend :3

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)
Price: £29.99
From: GAME

 HedKandi eyelashes
Price: £5
From: Superdrug

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog♪
I hope you found this post interesting and helpful~~ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆

I will be posting a lot more about clothes I buy and crafty things also where I go to!

See you next time!

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