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☆~Hyper Japan 27th July 2013~☆

Hello Everyone~! I hope you all are good ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆
Lots of you wanted to know more about where I buy things and what I buy, Where I go and what I do there~~ So I thought it was about time to start writing on my blogspot! ^-^

Lets start with the most recent place I went... Hyper Japan!! 

Hyper Japan 
Hyper Japan is an event that is held in London for 3 days~~

It's focused on Cosplay, Japan, Japanese food, Japanese Culture, Games~ ^-^
This year I only went on the Saturday as I only had 1 cosplay planned and tickets

were to much to get 4 (*^ω^*)

Speaking of cosplay~!!

I cosplayed "Cyrus" with my friend Kelsey who cosplayed "Reese" from the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf game released on the 3DS ^-^

Here are some photos:

Kelsey looks so cute as Reese~~ She is great Waifu material.. LOL ww~

 We met these lovely Animal Crossing fans who were cosplay Isabelle & Blathers <3
So perfect~~ ... The guy in the "You are the mayor" frame.. "SOON" hahah!


Anywho's the event it's self was so amazing! Nintendo went all out this year~~! They had this amazing animal crossing area with the towns tree in the middle, benches, FAKE GRASS! xD , contests, freebies and the best part.. the unlimited Animal Crossing: New Leaf photo booth complete with sling-shots and watering cans :3

Being only 5ft1.5, we did't quite fit into frame x3 ww~ but I think that's cute haha!

They also had a Mario-Kart contest going on & a Pikmin area~~! My gosh I do love Nintendo!

When I was checking out the stalls I came accross this shop called "JP BOOKS" .. my gosh
I wanted to buy everything >w< They had Anime magizines, Ecchi magazines,
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Magazines, J-Fashion magazines and more *_____*
Ofc I was drawn to this magazine with Kirino & Kuroneko on~~
 (from my favourite anime "Oreimo") 

 The cover is very.... Ecchi .. ALL MY WANTS haha! but I didn't buy it in the end,
 Onii-chan did ww~ (*´ω`*)♡

Kelsey & I entered the cosplay masquerade for fun xD It was great~!
we ended up running all over the stage as we went off the wrong way HAHA! but here is a shot from that  (*ノωノ)♡

I never ended up buying anything from Hyper Japan this time because I only had £20 with me xD (I spent it on travel and cosplay) but the photos & memories were so worth it ^-^

I must say.. If I took around £100 I would of bought so much XD The clothes, accessories, food, magazines, games, anime... were AMAZING~! I hope they will be at the next Hyper Japan so I can get some things~~!

At around 5.30pm a Japanese mime, puppetry band called "Siro-A" performed on the HJ stage.... I WAS BLOWN AWAY <3 WOW! 
They are fantastic~~♪.。゚+.(*・ω・*)ノ。
They used plain white cardboard boxes to create this light show~!

here is a little video of the kinda thing they do:

Over all the day was really good fun with and was nice to see everyone again! ^-^
I Loved meeting all you guys so much! <3 I hope to bump into you all soon! 

Thank you for reading~~(∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。

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