Friday, 9 August 2013

☆~New purchases!~☆

Hello you guys~! ^-^
So today I had the dentist but I thought as I was in town I would do a little shopping! 
I didn't buy much but I wanted to share with you what I done/bought :3

Things I bought today:

I couldn't find the T-shirt I was originally looking for~ BUT!! I found this super cute navy x white x read Minnie Mouse T-shirt for only £6 in Primark ...Barrrrgin! 
It's got a really nice fit to it! Baggy yet fiitted/long & cute!
(*^ω^*) Plus I'm a sucker for anything Disney <3

Excuse my hair xD I just been in the wind and rain after my dentist appointment~~!

The next thing I got is the new issue of NEO magazine! I'm starting to really love this magazine and this is the 2nd issue in a row I am featured in it to! *_____*
we were asked to send in screenshots of what we have been doing on Animal Crossing: New Leaf and they picked mine~! (*ノωノ)♡

  I'm so happy they printed the "♪" with my Town name as some people miss it out! ^-^

One thing I wanted to get or a while now is the lilac Barry M nail polish that was £2.99 from Boots! It's not the cheapest of nail polishes but it's such a pretty colour I just had to get it!

I really love how the nail varnish blends in super nicely when you apply more layers! ^-^

The last thing I did today was make some Raspberry flavoured Macarons! ^-^ I've been meaning to try these for a long time and my gosh they sure do taste great.. maybe I made them a little TOO sweet xD haha~!
I know they don't look nice either ww~ but I gave it my best shot xD huhuhu~
Whisking the egg whites was hard >/////< I even broke a bowl O___O
*hides away*

The last things I got was a total surprise from my dad! He got me a new TV that is HD and has wifi and it's so cool *____* He said it was because he couldn't afford to get my a 18th birthday gift when It was my 18th in January~~ >w< I didn't need a present but he was insisting on this :3

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today!
Talk soon!

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