Sunday, 25 August 2013

☆~Japan Haul.. kinda huhuhu :3~☆

Hello you guys~~! ^-^
A couple of weeks ago my friends went off to Japan and one of my friends asked if there were anything I wanted from there! 
At the time I couldn't think as I was too excited haha >////<
But these are what I ended up getting :333

Things I got from Japan: CD's :3
I love these guys so much and I have been wanting to listen to their music in ...HD for a long long time ww~

Puffy cake stickers from Disneyland Tokyo :3
3 of my most favourite things in one <33 ee~!!

Shimapan & Shimabra.... Don't judge ww~ it's moe to the max haha!
I have some pink shimapan but really wanted some bluey/turquoise ones for my cosplays and everyday :3 And look how cute Mio looks :3

Cute Oreimo umbrella with Kirino on~!!  from a grabbing machine :333
 I wish the grabbing machines in the UK had cute things in them xD

Tokyo Disneyland 30th Anniversary pin badge :3 It's so big and colourful!! ^___^
This is going on my Lanyards I have with lots of official Disney pins on :3

A baby pink lego brick keyring with my name carved in it :3
This was a little extra as a gift but I'm in love with it~~! Even has the little star!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf beach towel with Reese & Cyrus on~!! ^-^
This was from a grabbing machine *_____* How perfect is it :33333
not sure whether to pin it up in my room or use it as a towel xD

Little Korilakkuma purse :3 Too cute~~~!!
It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeeee xD 

Korilakkuma & Rilakkuma big puffy stickers~~ :3 PUNI PUNI huhhuhu
my love for Korilakkuma is so big :33 <3 

 Korilakkuma hoodie :3 (excuse my non exciting eyes xD when I put the hood up my fringe grows like 2 inches haha~!)
It's so big and puffy and adorable and huggy xD

Umm... yeah I didn't ask for that... >//////<
MOVING ON huhuhu xD
(got it for the giggles as knows I love Rin Kokonoe xD)

Cute little Precure doki doki keyring :3 I put it on my Randoseru with my "Abipop" lego brick
Perfect place for them on the front strap! haha!

And that's it! ^-^
I hope you enjoyed my little blog on what I got from Japan!! :3
Thank you for becoming a reader and following me on Bloglovin!!
See you next time!

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