Thursday, 9 January 2014

☆~ New 2014 Purchases! ~☆

Hello everyone~!! 
I hope you are all good! 
I wanted to do a little update blog on all the things I have purchased so far in 2014~!

I will be doing reviews on certain things in the near future when I receive everything and have time~ So stay tuned ´っ>//<c` ♡ 

Let's start off with some items I've ordered for my Super Sonico cosplay~!

This wig is only £11.84 and the colours were just perfect for Sonico!
If it's not the right thick-ness or doesn't style & straighten properly I have my eyes on a couple of other wigs~!! 

 I saw that there was a 20% OFF pinkyparadise discount code I got through my e-mails!
So I took this opportunity to get myself some pink (not red) lenses for Sonico~! ´。・v・。ノ ○゙♪
The lenses are the EOW New Adult Pink
14mm Lenses~! They are true pink and not purpley! They look really stunning on all the photographs i've seen!! They were $22.90 dollars in total with shipping to the UK!

And you can't cosplay Super Sonico without her signature headphones~!
I ordered the "Silver & Black" version, not only do they look fantastic but they light up and play music from iPods too~!! ♡✧。(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ How exciting!??

Next I bought a new T-shirt second hand from eBay~! I'm not sure if it will fit perfectly as I haven't received it yet! but it was a size 10 and really cheap ... also DISNEY!! so I just had to get it~!

I always forget important dates and never know when I am free to do anything~! So I thought it was about time I got myself a Planner~! I couldn't resist this adorable My Melody Diary~!! (*´ω`*)♡
 This was £4.85 with £3.64 shipping.. a little on the pricey side but for something I will carry and open/write in everyday of 2014 isn't bad~!


These are my go-to black tights for most of my outfits with black in ww~ 
I got a ladder in them so I had to splash out £6.99 for them instead of the original £2.50 as they don't sell them in Primark anymore~ 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

This was a little curious purchase of mine, I know the EU/USA BB creams are really not as good as the Asian brands as they have no coverage really and more like a tinted moisturizer, but this caught my eye as it was pale and glittery~!
When I did a photo shoot once, And the make-up they put on me was all glittery and made my skin in the photos look almost.. magical! So I wanted to get this as a base to see if I can get that same effect~!
It's only £3.49 from Boots and is in the colour 01 Nude Radiance

I've been after these forever~! These are the Animal Crossing: New Leaf mascot Keychains BUT! The Japanese version so they can hook onto each-other~!! I wear them as bracelets! and have them hanging in my bedroom~! Such a cute buy~!´っ>//<c` ♡
I hope one day to get the 2nd set from Amazon~!
They were £13.66 on eBay which is really good considering they are £1 each in a gachapon! ´
My go-to "Japanese-ish" look eyelashes~!! ♪★*☆ヽ( ^-^)/★*☆♪ They are HedKandi's - Disco heaven party lashes!
They look like the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 01 lashes but a lot smaller to fit my eye-shape~~! They didn't sell these anymore in Superdrug or boots so ofc I got them from eBay haha~!
They were £11 for 2 pairs~! and you can re-use these... a lot~!

I popped onto one of my Sponsors (Affiliates) websites - Lolitadesu and picked up a few items from there with a special discount code I have~!
Use the code "AbiPop" to get 5% off their whole store~!
I got myself a Swimmer Strawberry cream gingham iPhone 4s case and a Swimmer Chocolate watch~! I also got some adorable free gifts~♪ which made me so happy!
(I will be reviewing these soon~!)
Everything here including shipping was $29.80 Which is fair as I choose the fastest shipping and they're designer items~!

The Last things I have gotten is my Affiliate package from the wonderful Spreepicky~!
 (I will be doing a massive review on them soon!)
This is one of my dream outfits and I finally got it~!! I'm still crying over how cute it is!!
You can match the sweater with anything else same with the bloomer skirt~!
This was $45.99 for all of it~! Using my 10% discount code "Abipop" it would be a little cheaper!

Click here to purchase this item!

I hope you enjoyed this little up-date to see what I have been buying~!
I've also bought, innocent smoothies, 100wtt lightbulbs for my bedroom, drawing pins, hair dye to do my roots and a apple xD pahah~!

Thank you for taking the time to read through my blog~!

Have some selfies~!
(before and after I died my roots xD)