Monday, 16 December 2013

☆~My Surpise post from Japan | HIMEME'S CD!~☆

Hello everyone~!
I want to share with you one of my idols (Singer "Performer" & Gravure model) all the way from Akihabara, Japan.. HIMEKO SAKURAGAWA (桜川ひめこ)~~!!
When I got home today, I found an EMS package from Japan on my bed~!! I was really confused... it couldn't be.. my Himeme CD .. that was posted on 13th December.. ?!
And it was~~!!! That took 4 days from Japan~! O___O

When I opened it, I couldn't help but do that reaction you see in Anime's ... KYAAA~~♡ kind of like this: 

Himeme has an adorable way of singing & all her songs are heart warming and have a happy vibe to them~! If I'm feeling a little blue, I play on some of her songs and pretend I'm performing on a stage in front of many people~♪ ww~ We all have dreams aye? xD

Here's one of her most recognized songs she's made~~! 
It's called "Akiba ni ikuto~n (アキバに行くのん!) "

 I saw on her Twitter & Blog that she is releasing a brand new album and a special Photobook~!! ꒰*✪∀✪꒱♬ ♡*:・ I just had to get a copy~!! But I looked high and low and I couldn't find a single place online that was selling it for over-seas people to purchase~~  。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。  

But then.. My dear friend Yoshi told me he was going to her live the following day~!! and that if I gave him the money he would get her album from her live and send it to me~! (*´ω`*)♡
*Insert another anime KYAAAA moment xD*
So now it's the 16th December~!
I open up my package from Japan.. and this was my reaction..

Yoshi got her to sign the CD to me with my name and her little saying "Mero mero mero~n" (*^ω^*) And he got me her Photobook as a gift~!! I can't hold back my tears~~!! I can't stop crying nore jumping around my room listening to the CD on full blast~♪

 Look how cute her CD cover is and her little doodles (* >ω<)~~ 

The CD print is just.. MOE~! haha~! It's got everything from strawberries to pawprints and stars~~! If I were to ever release a CD, It would be like this ww~

This is her Photobook which when opened is A4 sized~~! It's filled with nosebleed-able photo's of Himeme~~ ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆ 
Gives me such great ideas for photo shoots~!
If you want to listen to some more of Himeme's songs, I've found a few songs that have been uploaded onto YouTube~!

This is my collection of her songs so far:
 (I think I am probably missing some~ If you know which ones I will be so happy~!!)

And here are her OFFICIAL Links:

I hope you enjoyed this little blog about my Akiba idol Himeme~!
Thank you so so much Yoshi-san for you kindness~! I couldn't be more thankfull!
Thank you so much for reading!
Untill next time!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

☆~Lockshop wigs review | Mermaid Split wig & Royal Ribbon tights~☆

Hello Everyone~!
Today I have another wonderful review for you! (*^ω^*)

Lockshop Wigs is a European based wig store~! Selling popular products all over the world! They not only sells wigs But original designed tights, hair accessories and more~!
 The lovely people at Lockshop sent me a beautiful wig & an adorable pair of tights for me too review for you guys~!

 I have a discount code for you all too!
 Use the code "abipop10" to get 10% off the whole store!

The wig I got is the Mermaid Spilit which is half Milk Tea and half Royal Brown! 

In the stock photos it is really pretty! It reminds of me of chocolate & caramel!
I've always had blonde hair, Even from a young age so I thought this wig would be perfect to see if I suited darker colours as well as keeping the blonde colour which I adore!

The packaging was really secure and arrived within a week of being sent. When opening the package you can see their presentation is simple and neat which is just perfect! The items are wrapped with aqua blue tissue paper sealed with a Lockshop Wigs logo sticker!  I also got a free netted tube wig cap with my wig which is always nice to have as I'm forever losing mine! xD

The wig was nicely stored in a hair net protecting it in place with a cardboard loop and a plastic seal bag! This means the wig won't get tangled whilst traveling to yours in the post!
Let's move onto the actual wig itself~!

I wanted to take a photo of the wig straight out of the bag with no brushing so you can see how the wig looks before it has been styled~~!

As you can see the wig is really beautiful before even touching it! One quality I love about Lockshop Wigs is that their partings on the top of the wig are giving the impression that it's really your hair by using a fake scalp parting~! Genius!

I was going to cut the fringe into a full fringe but I really don't trust myself cutting one, So I just left the fringe as a side fringe~ I styled it a little and gave the wig a couple of brushes to get the soft effect that I wanted! ♡(´ ・ω・` ) ♡

I am really pleased with this wig! The fibers are really soft and do not get tangled easily which means it's really easy to brush! The inside cap of the wig has a great adjustable band to it so this wig will fit anyone's head shape or size! As I said before the parting is very natural looking! Brownie points for that! haha! ꒰*✪∀✪꒱♬ ♡*:・
The last point is that the wig is very thick so you can do great hair styles with it! From ponytails to plaits or even little hair buns and horns!
I really do love Lockshop as their quality of the wigs are always phenomenal~!

Mermaid Split costs £30.41 ($46.70) and can be purchased here:

Next up is Lockshop's new tights range which is named Rosenrot. They are really high in material quality and have some amazing designs to pick from!
I got one of their new designs called "Royal Ribbon" which looked to be inspired by fantasy worlds and sweet carousels~!

When I saw the stock photos for these tights my eyes started to sparkle~! Look how adorable these are?!

They come in a lovely pale purple cardboard packaging with the Rosenrot logo & name of the tights on~! Once it's out of the packaging, They're actually protected in a sealed plastic cellophane~♪

I took some photos up close so you can see the quality of the tights! They're very thick but not as thick as leggings. The only way I can describe these is that they're like ballet tights! This is great as that means they are almost 100% Snag proof! Although I did snag the back of mine on a train, It did not create a hole or a tear, Just a little peice of the fabric stuck out which I threaded onto a needle and put it back through and they were as good as new~!
Fantastic quality!!

Just look how adorably cute these are~✨ These are hands down my favourite pair of tights I own!

 I also took a photo of my whole outfit~ Maybe it will give you some inspiration to help cord your own outfit with them!

I'm so happy that I got these tights as they are really a lot of fun to match up with outfits! You can wear anything from pink, lilac, black or even gold with these~! I'm 5ft1 for reference and they do have a little bag to them where they would fit for taller people. But it really isn't noticeable when wearing them~! ^-^ 
They are any-size and height friendly too!

Royal Ribbon Tights are £18.61 ($28.58) and can be purchased here:

Overall I give Lockshop Wigs a 5/5 as their products are extremely high quality and have a very wide ranged of wigs and tights~! They have fantastic shipping times and an excellent customer service.
If you want to get your own Mermaid Spilt wig & Royal Ribbon tights or just want to check out what else they have for sale, Go to the links below~!

Thank you LockShop wigs for letting me review these for you~! And thank you to everyone readin, I hope this was interesting and informing about what sort of wigs/tights you would buy~!
Don't forget I have a discount code for you all too!
 Use the code "abipop10" to get 10% off the whole store!

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

☆~Lolitadesu Review | Fluffy & cute!~☆

Hello Everyone~!

Today I have another review for you! If you have been following my Instagram you might of noticed me wearing these adorable fluffy pink x lilac x off white legwarmers~!!
These are from the wonderful LolitaDesu store! The "mokomoko" collection is what the fluffy items belong too~! :3

Let's get onto the review! ^-^

The items were packaged in this really cute cellophane bag and came with 2 little treats! nice touch~! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆ It took about 1-2 weeks to get to my house in the UK which wasn't long at all and I was really surprised it got here that fast~!

Once I opened up this little bag I got to see what items I received~! It was all Mokomoko items~!! I have been wanting to get some cute pink x lilac fluffy winter accessories for a very long time! so I am really excited to own these ♡

The items I received are:

☆1 Pair of Legwarmers☆

The footies are really comfortable for wearing around your bedroom to take the chill of your tooties! x3 They don't have grips on the bottom like a lot of slipper socks but that's oki as long as you don't slip on shiny floors~~! (*^ω^*) ...unless you are one of those people who likes to slide across them.. huehue xD
I'm a UK shoe size 4.5 and they fit nicely~ they do have a lot of extra room on the heel though so they will fit bigger sizes too!  

What I really like is that you can match these up with the leg warmers to create a kind of slipper bootie effect~✨
The leg warmers have a cute ruffle effect at the bottom of them and a stretchy top so you can easily slip them on and off without tearing or marking them~!  I actually wear these to work with my black tights and shoes as they add that extra sweet-ness to my outfit~!(*´ω`*)♡ 

 The gloves are just what you need! They're fingerless so you can still use your phone or a camera or even eat~! and they fit over sweatshirts like a charm~~!꒰*✪∀✪꒱♬ ♡*:・
the fabric to these are slightly different to the rest of the mokomoko items but still have the same pattern to match them~!

(I'm sorry for the low quality photos, The lighting wasn't the best today~!)
The gloves fit perfectly and are really high-quality~! No strands of cotton falling out of place what so ever~! ♪★*☆ヽ( ^-^)/★*☆♪

The tube scarf is something I've never seen before! It took me a while to figure out what it actually was ww~! The scarf made the same way the legwarmers are with the cute ruffle on both sides this time~! It's very strecthy so you can put it on without ruining your hair/make-up and also it being so small it won't make your coat/jumper not do up!ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆

Overall I give LolitaDesu a 5/5 as there are no faults that I can find with their products, They have a great customer service, A wide range of products and everything is high quality and cute~!
If you want to get your own fluffy winter wear or just want to check them out to see what else they have on sale, Go to the links below~!

Thank you LolitaDesu for letting me review these for you~! I hope this was interesting for you guys~!
I will always keep an eye out for cute shops to share with you~!
Thank you for reading!


Friday, 8 November 2013

☆~Circle Lens Review: Pinky Paradise | G&G GBT Sky~☆

Hello everyone!♪.。゚+.(*・ω・*)ノ。
 Today I wanted to do a review about Circle Lenses! The lenses we are going to talk about today come from the wonderful Pinky Paradise~! I've always bought my circle lenses from Pinky Paradise because I know they are very reliable and have great customer service~!  

 ☆~On to the review~☆  
I received a pair of G&G GBT Sky circle lenses to wear for my Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay~! I wanted something that wasn't too dolly, very blue but also quite natural. So I picked out the G&G GBT Sky 
(they look like this on the website) 

When the post came I was super excited to get them open, try them out and show you guys~~!! The shipping from Pinky Paradise (they're based in Malaysia) to me in the UK took exactly two weeks~!

I opened my package to find not only a cute circle lens case but a cute fringe holder backer.... hair thing! xD It's seriously useful for when I am doing my make-up or putting in circle lenses!
 Pinky Paradise are great with their packaging and make sure the bottles do not get damaged via delivery! (*´ω`*)♡ 
lets take a look what they looks like on me!
(Remember to soak your lenses in contact solution 24hours before you wear them)
This is what they look like on my green/orange eyes:

They're 14.0mm in diameter so they only enlarge the eye the tiniest bit but really do stand out! Cosplaying a non-anime character means I didn't want eyes that were too anime-esk~ I wanted something more natural to portray this character from a video game, an these really did the job! 。*:゜☆ヽ(*’∀’*)/☆゜:。*。
Here are some more photos of my Juliet Starling featuring the G&G GBT Sky Circle lenses from Pinky Paradise~! 

 ~Overall rating~☆

Colour~ 4/5
These lenses are bright blue. They are a little darker than they appear on the stock image. but I do think that they are a wonderful sky blue colour! I can recommend these for even light brown eyes as they will show up like on my dark green-orange eyes~! ^-^

Design~ 5/5
I'm really fond of the design~ it's very natural looking with that extra sparkle added to them! love it!

Enlargement~ 3/5 
(but 5/5 for me though)
For me they are perfect~!! But for you guys who might be looking for really big dolly blue circle lenses, they might not be for you~

Comfort~ 5/5
These are just truly amazing. So so comfortable on the eyes~!
 Since owning these lenses i love to wear them out normally if I want to feel like a princess with blue eyes ww~. They don't dry my eyes out and don't obstruct my vision at all!

 Naturalness~ 4/5
They seem to blend really well with my natural green/orange eyes without being un-natural huge! I think everyone who wants blue eyes should get these lenses because  the effect is just so awesome~! ♡♡

That's my review of Pinky Paradise - Largest Circle Lens Store~! I hope you enjoyed it!~ Have fun browsing the hundreds of lenses they have to offer~♪

Find these lenses here: 

if you want to help me you can shop through this link here, so I can get bonus points :3 
I love you!

Thank you so much for reading!