Friday, 30 August 2013

☆~New Beauty Products~☆

Hello you guys! ^-^ I hope you're all good~~!
The other day I treated myself to some more beauty products! This time I wanted something that would try and help my dark circles and something that would make my skin all soft and nourished
I also wanted something to make my eyebrows blonder without bleaching them for cosplay and when I wear my fringe to the side!
These are what I Discovered!

Things I bought:

  The first thing I got was the "Simple kind to eyes revitalising eye roll-on"
These products always made me wonder if they actually did anything to the under-eyes! this was £4.99 at the time but it has gone on sale now! To my suprise it actually makes my eyes feel a little more awake and makes me feel like it's working (even if it might not be) which is a good thing as I lack confidence because of my dark circles.

 The next thing I purchased at the same time in the same store was the "Olay Double Action Cream 50ml" This was £6.19 a little more pricey than my eye care roll on :) not going to lie, this does make my skin feel really soft and smooth and refreshed but I think it can leave a greesey kinda feel after if you use too much of it!
Never the less I do love this and probably will get it again untill I find another facecream to use  ^-^

The last thing I bought was the "Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #1 Milk Tea" I always feel my eyebrows are far far too dark for my hair colour! I've had this problem all mylife xD So I thought instead of putting brown on them why not make them a blonde-y colour... and my gosh this is wonderful! *_____* I might end up getting the eyebrow pencil (it's not heavy) to match this Eyebrow Mascara to get a base in there before the coating ^-^

This was £8.38 with £1.93 shipping which makes it over priced but I had some spare money and I wanted to get it for my Kirino cosplay I am doing at the October MCM Expo comic con London ^-^

I hope you found this helpful or interesting~!
See you next time!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

☆~Japan Haul.. kinda huhuhu :3~☆

Hello you guys~~! ^-^
A couple of weeks ago my friends went off to Japan and one of my friends asked if there were anything I wanted from there! 
At the time I couldn't think as I was too excited haha >////<
But these are what I ended up getting :333

Things I got from Japan: CD's :3
I love these guys so much and I have been wanting to listen to their music in ...HD for a long long time ww~

Puffy cake stickers from Disneyland Tokyo :3
3 of my most favourite things in one <33 ee~!!

Shimapan & Shimabra.... Don't judge ww~ it's moe to the max haha!
I have some pink shimapan but really wanted some bluey/turquoise ones for my cosplays and everyday :3 And look how cute Mio looks :3

Cute Oreimo umbrella with Kirino on~!!  from a grabbing machine :333
 I wish the grabbing machines in the UK had cute things in them xD

Tokyo Disneyland 30th Anniversary pin badge :3 It's so big and colourful!! ^___^
This is going on my Lanyards I have with lots of official Disney pins on :3

A baby pink lego brick keyring with my name carved in it :3
This was a little extra as a gift but I'm in love with it~~! Even has the little star!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf beach towel with Reese & Cyrus on~!! ^-^
This was from a grabbing machine *_____* How perfect is it :33333
not sure whether to pin it up in my room or use it as a towel xD

Little Korilakkuma purse :3 Too cute~~~!!
It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeeee xD 

Korilakkuma & Rilakkuma big puffy stickers~~ :3 PUNI PUNI huhhuhu
my love for Korilakkuma is so big :33 <3 

 Korilakkuma hoodie :3 (excuse my non exciting eyes xD when I put the hood up my fringe grows like 2 inches haha~!)
It's so big and puffy and adorable and huggy xD

Umm... yeah I didn't ask for that... >//////<
MOVING ON huhuhu xD
(got it for the giggles as knows I love Rin Kokonoe xD)

Cute little Precure doki doki keyring :3 I put it on my Randoseru with my "Abipop" lego brick
Perfect place for them on the front strap! haha!

And that's it! ^-^
I hope you enjoyed my little blog on what I got from Japan!! :3
Thank you for becoming a reader and following me on Bloglovin!!
See you next time!

Monday, 19 August 2013

☆~Working as Mario!~☆

Hello you guys~! 
You are probably wondering where have I been for the past 4 days :3 
well..  I have been working as a Costume Character for a Nintendo event! ^-^
I got the honors to be "Mario" ^-^ 

It was hard work but also a ton of fun and seeing everyone happy and smile 
made me all happy haha~~

Also met some amazing wonderful people there! I hope I get a chance to work with them all again!

I wanted to share with you some of the only photographs I got of me in the suit with my 2 of my friends who came to visit me! (I did girly-er poses for them for the giggles xD)


haha! I also managed to get hold of a short little video of me dancing at the Wii U booth (I worked in the 3DS kids tent) and we did a little performance as a surprise to make everyone laugh :3

I hope you enjoyed this little entry~!!

Friday, 9 August 2013

☆~New purchases!~☆

Hello you guys~! ^-^
So today I had the dentist but I thought as I was in town I would do a little shopping! 
I didn't buy much but I wanted to share with you what I done/bought :3

Things I bought today:

I couldn't find the T-shirt I was originally looking for~ BUT!! I found this super cute navy x white x read Minnie Mouse T-shirt for only £6 in Primark ...Barrrrgin! 
It's got a really nice fit to it! Baggy yet fiitted/long & cute!
(*^ω^*) Plus I'm a sucker for anything Disney <3

Excuse my hair xD I just been in the wind and rain after my dentist appointment~~!

The next thing I got is the new issue of NEO magazine! I'm starting to really love this magazine and this is the 2nd issue in a row I am featured in it to! *_____*
we were asked to send in screenshots of what we have been doing on Animal Crossing: New Leaf and they picked mine~! (*ノωノ)♡

  I'm so happy they printed the "♪" with my Town name as some people miss it out! ^-^

One thing I wanted to get or a while now is the lilac Barry M nail polish that was £2.99 from Boots! It's not the cheapest of nail polishes but it's such a pretty colour I just had to get it!

I really love how the nail varnish blends in super nicely when you apply more layers! ^-^

The last thing I did today was make some Raspberry flavoured Macarons! ^-^ I've been meaning to try these for a long time and my gosh they sure do taste great.. maybe I made them a little TOO sweet xD haha~!
I know they don't look nice either ww~ but I gave it my best shot xD huhuhu~
Whisking the egg whites was hard >/////< I even broke a bowl O___O
*hides away*

The last things I got was a total surprise from my dad! He got me a new TV that is HD and has wifi and it's so cool *____* He said it was because he couldn't afford to get my a 18th birthday gift when It was my 18th in January~~ >w< I didn't need a present but he was insisting on this :3

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today!
Talk soon!

Monday, 5 August 2013

☆~ WeStayCute Review~☆


Hello Everyone~~ ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆
This morning I woke up to an adorable little package from “WeStayCute” on Etsy♡

They sell custom Sweet Deco phone cases, Nintendo DS, cases, bracelets, key-rings you name it! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。

Lets get to the review!!

The first thing I saw when I opened the package was that it was in this adorable bag sealed with Rilakkuma tape which made me smileヽ(。・ω・。)ノ☆ It included a little hand written letter and a little Sanrio badge! I think this is great as it’s the 1st thing customers see when they open the packages! 

Next the case it’s self~♪

She asked me for a list of things I love and colours schemes and what kinda theme i’d like running through the case! Which I thought was a great way of really capturing what people want!!♪.。゚+.(*・ω・*)ノ。

She got mine spot on!! The resin pieces are totally adorable!!!
Super colourful and the perfect amount stuck to my case! I love how there is pink drippy sauce like melting ice-cream all around the edge! (*^ω^*) 

There's also little pink gems scattered around too! I love how she put my name on the bottom!

I’ve never owned a Deco phone case before and I thought things would fall off it! But the resins are pretty well stuck on! (*^▽^*) The only little things that would come off are the little gems but nothing super glue can’t handle!

Case: 9.9/10 (Because of the gem but easily fixed)
Customer Service: 10/10 (really lovely)
Shipping: 10/10 (Really fast shipping in the UK)
Presentation: 10/10 (lovely packaging and super neat job)

If you want to get your own custom case or just want a browse~!
Here’s the link to her shop:

Sunday, 4 August 2013

☆~Recent Purchases~☆

Hello you guys~! 
I wanted to do a little post about the things I have recently purchased♪.。゚+.(*・ω・*)ノ。
I have put where to get them (if I can) and how much they were so you can get things too if you want too~!


Black & White polka-dot skirt
Price: £12.99
From: H&M

Waistband Lovely Pink Shorts
Price:  $44.80  
From: Romwe

Blue Cropped Top
Price: £9
From: River Island

Berry Cropped Top
Price: £4
From: River Island

Nice Pear T-Shirt
Price: £15

From: River Island

Tralala Chocolate bar T-shirt
Price: £20

From: Gyaru Sales Facebook

 Hello Kitty rain coat
Price: Gift
From: Hand me down from a friend


Lisa Plushie from Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Price: $29.63

From: Amazon

 Rin Kokonoe Nendoriod
Price: 47

Buruma (Taiso Fuku) Cosplay
Price: $35.47
From: eBay

Cinnamoroll Hiragana Book
Price: $7.37
From: Jlist

Cute Puffy Cake Stickers
Price: £3
From: Artbox

Neo Magazine
Price: £4.99
From: WHSmiths

 Perfume WORLD TOUR Towel
Price: £7.99
From: Perfume concert London

 Kodomo no Jikan Manga
Price: Gift
From: My a lovely friend :3

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)
Price: £29.99
From: GAME

 HedKandi eyelashes
Price: £5
From: Superdrug

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog♪
I hope you found this post interesting and helpful~~ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆

I will be posting a lot more about clothes I buy and crafty things also where I go to!

See you next time!