Friday, 6 February 2015

☆~SUPER Spreepicky Review & Haul~☆

Hello everyone~♪ Today I have a SUPER SpreePicky haul/review for you~~!!
I am Soooo so so excited to share this with you~! ^-^

SpreePicky is a Storenvy store & an inpendant online store that sells Harajuku, Lolita, Cosplay, Fairy Kei, Shibuya fashion, J- fashion and more~~♥♪

I have a special discount code you all as well!!
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You can find their store's here:
I have gotten so many things from SpreePicky over time~~! and I want to share everything I've bought and received! ^-^

♡ Shipping ♡

WOW! My gosh. I was really not expecting this! Let's say I ordered my items on Monday, they would arrived on the Friday or Saturday~! Their shipping is SO fast and if FREE too~!!
I cannot say a bad things about Spreepicky's 'shipping as it's just so good!
I am located in the United Kingdom, And baring in mind SpreePicky has gotten a lot more popular since I have ordered so shipping may vary~♪☆

5/5 for Shipping!

♡ Customer Service ♡

SpreePicky's Customer's service is always on point with every time I have made an order~!
They usually reply within the day or the following day with an answer to your question or query~! (*^ω^*) I would give them a 5/5 for their communications for sure!
They are on many social networking sites, So you can always get in contact with them~♪༶

5/5 for Customer Service!

Let's move on to the items I have ordered~!

♡ Stock photos ♡ 
(as many as I could find as some product's have been retired)

♡ Packaging ♡ 

SpreePicky are always on point with their packaging~♪
When they first started their business they started with really simple bags to keep the items in, But as they grew and grew online, They changed their packaging to REALLY cute white bags with their logo's on and a quote~♡♡
They also put in little messages of Thank-You's and add a "Free Gift" With your order!
Which I think is such a nice touch!

5/5 for Packaging! 

Photos of Packaging

As you can see, Each item SpreePicky is individually wrapped in their official packaging♪ Along with a sweet note and a free gift with each purchase~!! How sweet!!♡

 My photos
photos of the clothes I received laid out.

My photos
photos of me wearing the garments.

♡ Quality ♡ 

SpreePicky have always impressed me with their quality of the clothing they sell~! Almost all items I have bought or received have been well made and last a long time!
For example the wigs almost look like real hair♪ ( ∩´ω`*∩)♡
They're very comfortable to wear and looks hella cute on! Also the sailor dress, not a stitch out of place as you can see in the photos I took of them straight out of the packaging~!

The only one thing that got me was the bow on the sailor dress, the back could of been a little neater but that is me just being picky haha xD

Click here to watch the Ginger wig & Sailor bloomers in a Music Video.

4.5/5 for Quality! 

♡ Overall review♡ 

Overall SpreePicky ranks highly for me for a cute J-fashion & Cosplay store~!
They're always so kind and prompt when replying to questions or e-mails, They have a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories for all sizes~!
They update weekly with new products on their Storenvy shop & on their website

And they are really responsibly priced~!

So I will give SpreePicky a 5/5 this time for my review~!♪

5/5 for SpreePicky

Thank you everyone for reading through my SUPER SPREEPICKY REVIEW AND HAUL!!! ^-^
Maybe you guys will find something super cute that you will like~! If you do, You can use my 10% off the whole store code~!♪

Here is my special discount code for all of you!
Use the code "Abipop" to get 10% off the whole store!

You can find their store's and other social networking sites here:


  1. I just ordered the white sailor dress as well a while ago! Can't wait for it to get here, it looks super cute ♥ And the other stuff as well!
    Also can I just say that I love the backdrop in your outfit pictures? ;u; It's too adorable~

  2. The sailor dress is so perfect on you!! :D


  3. You are too adorable, love you style ^u^

    1. Aaa~~! Thank you so so so much~! <333

  4. Very nice products although I'd recommend euphoria on storenvy as they have cheaper products, but sadly fewer :P
    I think spreepicky is definitely overpriced!! if you browse around storenvy you find the exact same products for cheaper