Sunday, 17 November 2013

☆~Lolitadesu Review | Fluffy & cute!~☆

Hello Everyone~!

Today I have another review for you! If you have been following my Instagram you might of noticed me wearing these adorable fluffy pink x lilac x off white legwarmers~!!
These are from the wonderful LolitaDesu store! The "mokomoko" collection is what the fluffy items belong too~! :3

Let's get onto the review! ^-^

The items were packaged in this really cute cellophane bag and came with 2 little treats! nice touch~! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆ It took about 1-2 weeks to get to my house in the UK which wasn't long at all and I was really surprised it got here that fast~!

Once I opened up this little bag I got to see what items I received~! It was all Mokomoko items~!! I have been wanting to get some cute pink x lilac fluffy winter accessories for a very long time! so I am really excited to own these ♡

The items I received are:

☆1 Pair of Legwarmers☆

The footies are really comfortable for wearing around your bedroom to take the chill of your tooties! x3 They don't have grips on the bottom like a lot of slipper socks but that's oki as long as you don't slip on shiny floors~~! (*^ω^*) ...unless you are one of those people who likes to slide across them.. huehue xD
I'm a UK shoe size 4.5 and they fit nicely~ they do have a lot of extra room on the heel though so they will fit bigger sizes too!  

What I really like is that you can match these up with the leg warmers to create a kind of slipper bootie effect~✨
The leg warmers have a cute ruffle effect at the bottom of them and a stretchy top so you can easily slip them on and off without tearing or marking them~!  I actually wear these to work with my black tights and shoes as they add that extra sweet-ness to my outfit~!(*´ω`*)♡ 

 The gloves are just what you need! They're fingerless so you can still use your phone or a camera or even eat~! and they fit over sweatshirts like a charm~~!꒰*✪∀✪꒱♬ ♡*:・
the fabric to these are slightly different to the rest of the mokomoko items but still have the same pattern to match them~!

(I'm sorry for the low quality photos, The lighting wasn't the best today~!)
The gloves fit perfectly and are really high-quality~! No strands of cotton falling out of place what so ever~! ♪★*☆ヽ( ^-^)/★*☆♪

The tube scarf is something I've never seen before! It took me a while to figure out what it actually was ww~! The scarf made the same way the legwarmers are with the cute ruffle on both sides this time~! It's very strecthy so you can put it on without ruining your hair/make-up and also it being so small it won't make your coat/jumper not do up!ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆

Overall I give LolitaDesu a 5/5 as there are no faults that I can find with their products, They have a great customer service, A wide range of products and everything is high quality and cute~!
If you want to get your own fluffy winter wear or just want to check them out to see what else they have on sale, Go to the links below~!

Thank you LolitaDesu for letting me review these for you~! I hope this was interesting for you guys~!
I will always keep an eye out for cute shops to share with you~!
Thank you for reading!



  1. omg i love your fluffy socks! they're adorable!!
    also good luck on studying Japanese (read your intro) hahahaha.


    1. Aww thank you so much~! (*^ω^*) They're just what I needed this winter~♪
      And thank you! I have almost learnt all my Hiragana now~! and some words/sentences ♡(´ ・ω・` ) ♡

      Thank you for following my blog~✨

  2. Those items really are soo cute! And they look so comfortable too!
    I am a massive fan of footsies so I might see if there are any cute pairs! :D
    I love your blog! xxx

  3. I just found your blog, and aaahh you are so adorable > w < ) ! !

    All those fluffy accessories look so warm and comfy too ~

    Have a nice day ~ ~