Friday, 8 November 2013

☆~Circle Lens Review: Pinky Paradise | G&G GBT Sky~☆

Hello everyone!♪.。゚+.(*・ω・*)ノ。
 Today I wanted to do a review about Circle Lenses! The lenses we are going to talk about today come from the wonderful Pinky Paradise~! I've always bought my circle lenses from Pinky Paradise because I know they are very reliable and have great customer service~!  

 ☆~On to the review~☆  
I received a pair of G&G GBT Sky circle lenses to wear for my Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay~! I wanted something that wasn't too dolly, very blue but also quite natural. So I picked out the G&G GBT Sky 
(they look like this on the website) 

When the post came I was super excited to get them open, try them out and show you guys~~!! The shipping from Pinky Paradise (they're based in Malaysia) to me in the UK took exactly two weeks~!

I opened my package to find not only a cute circle lens case but a cute fringe holder backer.... hair thing! xD It's seriously useful for when I am doing my make-up or putting in circle lenses!
 Pinky Paradise are great with their packaging and make sure the bottles do not get damaged via delivery! (*´ω`*)♡ 
lets take a look what they looks like on me!
(Remember to soak your lenses in contact solution 24hours before you wear them)
This is what they look like on my green/orange eyes:

They're 14.0mm in diameter so they only enlarge the eye the tiniest bit but really do stand out! Cosplaying a non-anime character means I didn't want eyes that were too anime-esk~ I wanted something more natural to portray this character from a video game, an these really did the job! 。*:゜☆ヽ(*’∀’*)/☆゜:。*。
Here are some more photos of my Juliet Starling featuring the G&G GBT Sky Circle lenses from Pinky Paradise~! 

 ~Overall rating~☆

Colour~ 4/5
These lenses are bright blue. They are a little darker than they appear on the stock image. but I do think that they are a wonderful sky blue colour! I can recommend these for even light brown eyes as they will show up like on my dark green-orange eyes~! ^-^

Design~ 5/5
I'm really fond of the design~ it's very natural looking with that extra sparkle added to them! love it!

Enlargement~ 3/5 
(but 5/5 for me though)
For me they are perfect~!! But for you guys who might be looking for really big dolly blue circle lenses, they might not be for you~

Comfort~ 5/5
These are just truly amazing. So so comfortable on the eyes~!
 Since owning these lenses i love to wear them out normally if I want to feel like a princess with blue eyes ww~. They don't dry my eyes out and don't obstruct my vision at all!

 Naturalness~ 4/5
They seem to blend really well with my natural green/orange eyes without being un-natural huge! I think everyone who wants blue eyes should get these lenses because  the effect is just so awesome~! ♡♡

That's my review of Pinky Paradise - Largest Circle Lens Store~! I hope you enjoyed it!~ Have fun browsing the hundreds of lenses they have to offer~♪

Find these lenses here: 

if you want to help me you can shop through this link here, so I can get bonus points :3 
I love you!

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. wow, your eyes look amazing with the circle lenses!
    so pretty xx

    1. Thank you so much~! ^-^ That mean's a lot to me~!
      I've always wanted to have blue eyes with my blonde hair and now it is possible!^-^

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    Enjoy and stay pretty :)

    1. Aww thank you so so much~!
      That means a lot to me! I hope to make lots more posts in the near future! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。

  3. You're so beautiful girl:) I wish i was a blonde