Wednesday, 23 April 2014

☆~I wanna see you shake that pom pom pom | Behind the scenes from Abi's eyes~☆

Hello everyone~~♪ Abi here~!

A couple of months ago I posted a few interesting photos of Beckii and I infront of green screens filming something awesome~!
I can now tell it was for the lovely Kelsey who just released her new MV to her new song that comes out on the 28th April 2014 "Pom Pom"~~ woooo

★*☆ヽ( ^-^)/★*☆♪ *cheers*

I took some videos and photos from backstage of where the magic was happening~♪ I didn't take many but here is all of them~!

This was getting all set up for Jason's part where he was cooking.... extremely... well xDD

The moment they told Jason he has to have his hair clipped down because of the green screen HAHA xD

 Aerobics scene~~♪

 Dressing room~~ Super messy from all of us getting ready haha~~♪

 My outfit for the shoot~~~!! We were dressing as Fairy's so I thought flower crown, lace and winged eye-make up~~♪♪

Wig: Lockshop
Dress: Primark
Eyelashes: Katy Perry
Headband: Kelsey's
Shoes: Kelsey's
Flower: Claires

 Beckii getting her make-up touched up as I watch~! ^-^

 Beckii and I filming our parts~~!
And this is the outcome:
HOW CUTE IS OUR SET~!~? *cries* It's got candy all around~~♪♪

At the very end of the evening Kelsey, Oliver, Sachie and I celebrated Kelsey's achievement with PIZZA~!!! x Aren't they cute. xDD

They're going to hate me for posting this ww~

 Thank you so much for reading~! 
 I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post~!
See you next time~!

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