Monday, 17 March 2014

☆~March purchases 2014~☆

Hello everyone~♪ how are you all?
Today I want to share with you some of my most recent purchases~!
I've gotten a lot over this month (bad abi ww)

Let's start off with beauty products!☆゚.*・。
1. Baby lips by Maybelline~!
I had a £5 gift voucher for boots left over from Christmas~! So I thought I would try out these Baby lips balms that everyone has been talking about♬*゜
The deal was buy 2 get 1 free so that's what I did~! 
I got Hydrate, Peach Kiss and Pink Punch~! ´っ>//<c` ♡ They're so soft on your lips~!!
I think I love Hydrate then Pink punch then Peach kiss~!

This I also got from Boots! It seems to be a new cheap-ish brand that they have introduced~! I love how this little blush works*:・☆
It's like a stamper and there is a beautiful peachy baby pink blush inside the little container!(*^ω^*) You can stamp it on for a more in your face look or gently put it on with a blusher brush~~! I believe I got it in the "Blushing" colour~!

 The next thing I bought was a new foundation~! I've been searching for a lovely flawless foundation in my colour~! And so far this is as best as I can find♬ ♡*:・ 
It's a little pinky compared to my skin but non the less it looks great on, in photos and in IRL~!(*´ω`*)♡
Very soft and flawless look when I put it on with a sponge~! It covers redness really well and blends in with concealers perfectly~!
If you have oily skin near the end of the day~~ I recommend carrying a power with you to matt-ify it or some blotting paper to take the shiny-ness away~!

 4.  Olay Anti-wrinkle Nature fusion Day & Night cream
As you grow up you slowly get fine happy lines under your eyes and by your mouth due to being.. happy and smiling a lot haha~!✧♡
If you have these you know you are a happy person ww~ So I thought hrmm... what If I started with wrinkle cream early?!? Will my skin be like this when I am 30? So I am giving it a go~! no harm in it hey? ^-^
I use the day cream before I do my make up and the night cream before I go to bed~! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆ I got these from Superdrug~ they're meant to be for 25+ skin~ xD They're very hydrating and make me feel all refreshed~!

I've seen a few people been posting about this little gem~! This product gives you those dewy sparkley Tear bags♬*゜ As a big fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamayu I really like her make-up style which has really sparkley tear bags so I wanted to give it a try and bought myself a liner on eBay and... I LOVE IT~!! ´っ>//<c` ♡
It's perfect for what I want and I feel like a glittery Princess when wearing this ww~

Now on to the bits and bobs section☆゚.*・。

1. Disneyland T-shirt - eBay
Most of you know I am a HUGE Disney/Disneyland fan~! I was browsing on eBay as I do for some cute clothes~~ and I spotted this~! It was so perfect figbsdg~ (*´ω`*)♡
It's creamy coloured with gold silhouetted Disneyland paris castle on~! and the best part was... it was only £1.55!! ☆ミヽ(*•`ω´•)ノがおおおー!!I'm really looking forward to receiving it and creating an outfit for it~♪

 2. Vague Paris Sweater -  Forever 21
I went to London on the weekend and wanted to get a few "older" looking clothes for when being with my friends~~♪ I popped into Forever 21 not thinking I'd get anything but I saw this adorable pink sweater that was all classy to me ww~´。・v・。ノ ○゙♪ I got this in a size small~  
for some reason they're not putting sizes on anymore ww just S, M, L ect.  
It's really soft and light weight yet keeps you warm and snugly~~

Whilst I was in Forever 21 I picked up some plain grey leggings too!

3. Disney Princess Kinder Eggs
As soon as I saw they were doing the Disney princesses in Kinder eggs.. I had to get them.. ALL xD
I was really really lucky and every egg I got I didn't get a double~♪ but when It came to finding princess Jasmine I went to eBay and got her just in case xD but she came with another Aurora .. xD Now I have 2 Aurora's~~ ♡(´ ・ω・` ) ♡ These little cuties sit on my music box next to my Laptop~~

4. POPTEEN April 2014  
I found a copy of Popteen's april issue in the Japan Centre in London~! I've always wanted to get this magazine as its always filled with outfit and make up inspirations~♪ But this one was Dakota's debut~! I was really excited too see how far she has got~! and she is a cutie~! ♡✧。(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ This was pretty pricey at £10.70 but it is so worth it as I now have a lot of tips and inspiration flowing through my mind~ ww~

 And that's what I have purchased In March so far~♪ I just can't help getting lots of cute bits and bobs ww~
So guys~~ What have you purchased this month so far~? I'd love to hear!

 Thank you so much for reading~! 
 I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post~!
See you next time~!



  1. Kyaaaaa those babylips balms are SO AMAZING!!!
    And thank you again for my Jasmine Figure, you're the bestest ever >u<
    such a cute post xoxoxo

    1. They're so so soft right? *___* I use mine everyday now ww~♪
      and you're most welcome~! ♡

  2. I totally love baby lips to the point I had to buy out all of them XD Except one of them has gone through the washer. Have they released the Neon ones over there yet? It doesn't do much, some tints your lips, but others are just cute!

  3. Cute gets!!
    I had some Baby Lips but my puppies ate them haha


    1. Omg...LOL ww~ those are some naughty puppies w~

  4. I always wanted these baby lips balms, but I'm always forgetting about them :D

    1. I think they're really lovely thing to have as they are so so so soft on your lips~! Defiantly check them out~~! ^-^

  5. Awww, so cute blog! ~~ I love it!
    I have this baby lips balsam blue and is very good.